3.5 Ton 15.2 SEER2 High Efficiency Goodman Air Conditioner Condenser

Size: 30' Insulated Line Set
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Goodman has always set its goals at superior comfort at a high efficiency, all the while balancing the unit's cost. The GSXH504210 is no exception, with its durability, reliability, and one of the highest efficiencies available.


  • Ideal size to cover a smaller house in ideal climates
  • 3.5 ton, 15.2 SEER2 AC-only condenser
  • Fully charged for up to 15' of line set
  • Low sound output
  • Factory-installed filter drier

3.5 Ton

The GSXH504210 AC-only condenser is 3.5 tons, normally enough to cover up to a smaller house. Please note that in some cases, the system bundle pairs this unit with a larger tonnage coil to maintain the system's efficiency.

15.2 SEER2

The GSXH504210 condenser is designed to be up to 15.2 SEER2 in ideal system configurations. Considered a high-efficiency, 15.2 SEER2 is around 12% more efficient than a 14.3 SEER2 system, saving you a lot of money in energy bills. 15.2 SEER2 efficiency ratings tend to be where cost meets efficiency, and is normally the best value for the efficiency.


The GSXH504210 condenser comes with Goodman's standard 10 year parts warranty with online registration through the manufacturer. An installation that follows your state and local codes is required for the warranty to be upheld.

Durability and Reliability

The cabinet of Goodman's condensers are manufactured out of heavy-gauge galvanized-steel with a baked-on painted finish that is approved for 500 hours of salt spray. The durable cabinet of the GSXH504210 is also compliant with 2010 Florida building code integrity requirements for hurricane-strength weather.

Installation and Maintenance

For easier maintenance, Goodman designed the GSXH504210's cabinet with two maintenance access panels - one on the top and one on the side. For easier installation, the GSXH504210 is made with easy-access gauge ports and service valves with sweat connections. Both of these lower installation and maintenance times and costs, keeping money in your pocket for the things you care about most.

Comfort in Mind

Superior comfort has always been the primary goal for Goodman. The GSXH504210 follows this goal, made with high-quality parts and even designed to have one of the lowest sound outputs on the market, thanks to superior sound-dampening and insulation technology. All of this makes you comfortable and lowers your bills while staying in-budget.

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